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27 January 08:30 - 13:30Orkla Foods AB Malmö (The cool Place)

Let's talk about the future

Nowadays consumers put more pressure on brand owners than before. Transparency and security are more important than ever. At the same time retailers want packaging solutions that are adapted to consumer needs. This means that the same product may need to be packaged in different ways which create higher demands on equipment and filling lines. 

On January 27, you can take part of the latest trends in machinery, environmental technology, sustainability and design.

All you need to know

We have updated the speakers list as you can see, with Agneta Påander from Orkla and Rowan Drury from Gram in Malmö. Unfortunately Anna Fråne had to postpone her presentation to another time. 

The event will offer many opportunities for interaction and discussion, even during the presentations. Our goal  is that everyone should have the opportunity to be inspired and inspire. The day will end with a small workshop where we discuss the learnings and share our ideas. 

All information regarding our Events are in English to secure availability to all of our memebers. The Events on the other hand will be in Swedish if the audience are only Swedish, otherwise in English. 

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Team Packbrigde

Waiting list

Agneta Påander
CSR Officer

Orkla and Consumer Trends

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Sofia Erixson
Packaging Designer @ Orkla Foods AB

Brand Owners Trends

Orkla Foods is a powerful player within the food industry in Sweden and they are working hard to understand the latest trends relevant to their business. Here we will hear Orklas packaging designer and blogger Sofia Erixson talk about their views on where the trends are pointing in consumer, packaging design and recycling. 

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Anders Källman
Managing Director at Multivac AB

Production Trends

One of the worldwide leading packaging solutions providers with 50 years of experience will give their view on the future trends from a manufacturing perspective. Anders Källman is the Managing Director of Multivac in Sweden and an active board member in Packbridge and he understands the importance of sharing knowledge following trends and change to meet new demands. 

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Kristina De Verdier
Senior Designer @ Kristina de Verdier Design Studio

Designer Trends

People are driven by emotions, we consume emotionally, but emotions change in phase with what we believe is important.
So the trend question is, what is emotionally important to consumers in 2017.
Kristina de Verdier, Senior Designer and founder of the packaging blog Ambalaj will present her view on the future trends in design.

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Bo Wallteg
Senior Packaging Expert

News Trends

If you have been in an industry for 30+ years and writing news about it, you ARE that industry. This is the case with Bo Wallteg, news writher and one of the owners for Pacnews.se and nord emballage who will give us the 2017 trends from a "news geezers" perspective 📝 🗞

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Rowan Drury
Founder of Gram Malmö

Package-less Trends

What would the world be without packaging? And what does the consumers think about this? 

The questions are most probably wrong, as we all know this is no black nor white matter as the packages fills an important role in transporting our food and other goods. What is interesting is how new means of handling food is emerging due to sustainable and customer driven demands. 

Rowan, the founder of Gram, the packagage-free store at the Saluhall in Malmö will address these aspects and new trends. 

Rowan Drury

Rowan Drury is founder of Gram, Sweden’s first package-free grocery store opening in November at Malmö Saluhall.

Gram provides a new way to buy food. The store has no packaging, just hundreds of products from local farms and makers, as well as store-cupboard essentials from around the world. Customers can bring their own containers (jars, boxes, bags, etc.) which they first weigh, and then fill. You can buy as little or as much as you need because everything is sold loose and by weight.

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Orkla Foods Sweden AB

With our head office in Malmö, we are based in the southern part of Sweden with the sea as our closest neighbor. We prepare our food and beverage on several own production facilities across the country, close to locally produced ingredients. Our brands are Abba, Abba Middagsklart, Kalles, FELIX, BOB, Anamma, Frödinge, Ekströms, Risifrutti, Grandiosa, Önos, Mrs Cheng's, Kung Gustaf, FUN Light, Grebbestads, JOKK, Den Gamle Fabrik, Ejderns, Svennes, Hållö, Lucullus, Limfjord, Liva Energi, Krögarklass and Paulúns. With some 1500 employees and a turnover of about 5 billion SEK, we are one of the leading food companies in Sweden.

Packbridge tony@packbridge.se

We are an international, member-based packaging network, or cluster, which was founded in 2010. We are a rapidly growing network for the packaging industry and all its stakeholders, customers, suppliers, researchers and innovators. The idea of Packbridge is to create a venue that naturally connects industry with academia, research with commercial application, and perhaps most importantly people with people.